There is no time to spare….

Join your fellow HOG Members for a night of fun! Allplay Family Entertainment Center has candlepin bowling, pool tables, arcade area, food, beer and wine, and big screen TVs! The fun will begin at 6 PM Thursday March 19th. Pricing will vary depending how many members attend. Spring is coming! You’ll be riding before long!

49 SEARSPORT AVE, BELFAST, MAINE 04915 (207) 218-1100

Please RSVP to Bruce at as soon as possible.

AllPlay bowling alley (207-218-1100) is between the CMP building and Perry’s Nuthouse where Young’s Lobster Pound is.  The $100 deal I was looking at is:

 A meeting room – not private, but set aside

2 lanes of bowling for 2 hours (you can rent another lane for $20/hr.)

12 pairs of bowling shoes (Additional shoes are $2.00)

1 pool table (you can rent another for ~$10/hr.)

They have an arcade

They have food (brochure says fresh Maine seafood, Pizza, Hamburgers, Hot dogs, French fries, Philly Cheese steaks, Chicken & steam bombs, Chicken tenders, Mozzarella stick, and more…)

They have beer & wine

Big screen TV




The Story of Registering For a H.O.G. ® Rally

The H.O.G. members that volunteer to organize H.O.G. rallies have one objective that is always top of mind: to provide an exciting and memorable H.O.G. adventure for you. You’ll certainly find a variety of what each rally offers. For example, some are stationary rallies and some are riding rallies. Some rallies are 3 days and some are more. I could go on about how each is unique, but instead I’d like to use the allocated space for this article explaining the variety of options available when it comes to registering for a rally.

Pre-Registration On-line (—with XX as the two-letter state abbreviation)

Pre-registration is another way of saying Register Early! It’s easy to do….each rally website has a registration tab on the left. Click on it and follow the registration process—it’s fairly straightforward.

Rally Registration 4


Pre-Registration by “Snail Mail”

For those who would rather not pre-register on-line, there is always the U.S. Postal Service. Some things for your consideration if you pre-register by mail:

  • Mail early to ensure your registration is received prior to the deadline
  • Most rallies accept check or money orders for pre-registration, but may not be able to accept credit card payment by mail (the registration form will indicate payment options)

Of course, registering on-line is the best way to go in my opinion, but the good news is you have options!

Some benefits to pre-registering for a rally…

There might be a cost savings

  • There could be some sort of incentive tied with registering early, like being entered into drawings to win cool stuff
  • A cool rally pin, patch or t-shirt might be included
  • Your rally packet will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the rally making check-in a breeze

Recall how I said each rally is unique? Well, registration always includes all the rally activities. But like the benefits listed above, sometimes there is also merchandise to be had. Sometimes it is included in the pre-registration fee and sometimes it is sold separately and inventory is limited. What’s important to know is that when you are pre-registering make sure to read exactly what you are getting for your pre-registration rally fee.  Below are two examples of what I mean:

Rally Registration 2

Rally Registration 3

On-site Registration

For those of you who aren’t able to pre-register by the deadline, have no fear! There is always the option to register on-site at the rally. Remember the list above regarding the benefits of pre-registering? Well, you most likely won’t be on the receiving end of those benefits. Read on if you’re wondering if you can still get t-shirts, pins, etc. if you register on-site.

Rally Merchandise

Some rallies may offer a t-shirt and a pin with your pre-registration fee, and then provide you the opportunity to order from a menu of additional rally merchandise. Why you ask? With a broader selection of rally specific merchandise, this allows you to purchase what you want.

Here is an example of what one rally is offering at the time of pre-registration:

Rally Registration 1

Now for those who register on-site, you should know that the H.O.G. rally committees are limited on how much additional merchandise they sell at the rally (i.e. surplus inventory at the end of the rally=unrecoverable costs for the rally committee). Sometimes merchandise sells quickly, so inventory of rally product may not be available during the whole event. (Hint: if registering on-site at a H.O.G. Rally get there early on day 1!). Merchandise is sold on a first come, first served basis. The merchandise cannot be ordered after the rally.

The moral of the story here is to please read the registration form closely.  Not only do registration fees vary from rally to rally, what is offered in terms of merchandise does as well. And with that in mind, be sure to weigh the benefits of registering early or registering on-site!

Look forward to seeing you at one of the 2015 H.O.G. Rallies. Travel well and thanks for being part of the Harley-Davidson family.

Author: JT Hasley

Riders Contest

Riders Contest

I am trying generate some interest in developing a Rider Contest. I had a member of All-American HOG contact me about a ride idea he has to share. When I went to their site, I found just what I was looking for. Take a look at this pamphlet and if your interested in helping, let me know.

HOG Rally Vacation

HOG Rally Vacation
Well, the work vacation schedule has been approved and it looks like Dolores and I will be heading to Deep Creek, MD for the MD/DE HOG Rally (June 18-21).

We rode through the area in 2013 and wanted to go back. Looks like some good riding in the Shenandoah National Park. Maybe we can get to the Ohio border for an ABC’s of Harley picture. Could this be the year I get 78 points and a nice ABC’s fleece?

If anyone has any info on the area, send it our way.

Some other Rallies to consider in addition to our own Maine HOG Rally Jul 23-25:
Corning, NY – July 16-18
Iron Adventure Run (Competing with our Rally)
Erie, PA – Aug 27-29
Seaside Heights, NJ – Sep 17-19

There is a link to all HOG Rallies and the ABC’s of Harley form on our Chapter website

Enjoy and get planning that vacation this summer!